The Phases & Dates leading up to General Availability registration.

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Visual Timeline

.Irish 2015 timeline

Mar 17 – May 16

The Sunrise Phase

Priority Registration for Trademarks

A 60 day priority access period for trademark holders known as the ‘Sunrise’ period started on March 17 2015. During this period, trademark holders had a valuable opportunity to register and protect their trademarks and business names.

The Sunrise Process is a Simple 3-Step Process:

  1. 1Get Your Trademarks Validated by Trademark ClearinghouseRegister Here
  2. 2Download your Authentication Key
  3. 3Use your Authentication Key to Register your Domain Name

Sunrise Intro Video

May 21 - June 20

The Landrush Phase

Application for high-value-domain names

A 30 day ‘Landrush’ period started on May 21 during which the wider public could apply to register distinctive high value .IRISH names before the start of General Availability ‘first come first serve’ registration.

June 25

General Availability

Open to the public

General Availability registration started on June 25, 2015 which made it possible for anybody, anywhere to register available .IRISH domain names via an accredited registrar.

Timeline FAQs

Some common questions regarding the Sunrise registration period for trademark holders

  • Who can apply?

    During Sunrise, a trademark record can be submitted to the Trademark Clearinghouse by any Trademark Holder (private person or company), or a Trademark Agent acting on behalf of a Trademark Holder.

  • Other benefits of Trademark Validation.

    You are entitled to Priority Registration before the general public has access to registration. Once your trademark is in the Clearinghouse, anybody attempting to register your trademark will be warned of potential infringement and will need to acknowledge your rights before completing registration. You will be notified if somebody registers a domain name that matches your trademark making you immediately aware of the potential infringement.

  • What is the Trademark Clearinghouse.

    The Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) is a key rights protection mechanism for trademark holders and is operated by Deloitte and IBM. The Clearinghouse provides a centralized database of verified trademarks connected to new TLDs and as such, is a valuable first line of defense for brand owners. Please note you must have your trademark in the Clearinghouse to be able to register your corresponding domain name during the Sunrise period. This is an ICANN, not .IRISH requirement and that all fees associated with TMCH are not associated with .IRISH.

  • Trademark Clearinghouse Fees.

    The Clearinghouse has two fee structures, depending as which type of user you register:

    • The Basic Fee Structure is ideally suited if you only have a couple of trademarks and don’t require the assistance of an Agent. The maximum fee is 150 USD per trademark record per year and this can be paid by credit card.

    • The Advanced Fee Structure may be more appropriate if you are representing several trademark holders, or have a large number of trademarks and don’t need the assistance of an Agent. This structure offers discounted pricing through prepayment.

    • You can register as a user by going to http://secure.trademark-clearinghouse.com. Choose ‘I am a Holder’ for option 1 or ‘I am an Agent’ for option 2 when filling out the form.