Easy to register & easy to understand

‘Dot Irish’ domain names are on promotion for a limited period with participating registrars so don’t miss your chance to get a really meaningful domain name at a great price. Whether you plan to use it now or later, now is the perfect time to secure the domain that matters to you and your business.

Check out ’10 Reasons to Register’ &  the great offers from participating registrars below.

10 Reasons to Register

  1. Promote Your Business – If being Irish is important to you and your organisation, putting the word ‘Irish’ after the dot in your web or e-mail address is a great way to promote your Irish identity.
  2. Easy to Register – There are no restrictive eligibility criteria so it’s really easy to register your domain name with any of our accredited registrars.
  3. Highly Versatile – Can be used for local & international business, professional associations, lifestyle & leisure, arts & culture, tourism & hospitality, consumer brands, education, technology, media, sports & events.
  4. Protect Your Business – Registering the relevant domain names for your business protects your organisation, your brands and your online reputation by preventing others from registering these names in future.
  5. Competitive Advantage – A great domain name such as one that uses popular keywords for example (e.g. food, media, travel etc.) makes a powerful statement and can position a business as category or market leader. 
  6. Global Appeal – The word ‘Irish’ is internationally recognized and understood so putting it at the end of your domain name creates a distinctive digital identity that connects with a global audience.
  7. Extend Your Reach – A more memorable and marketable domain name helps to distinguish your business from the competition and reach a larger audience.
  8. Irish Identity – Using the word ‘Irish after the dot in a web or e-mail address clearly identifies with Ireland and resonates with Irish people everywhere. 
  9. Availability & Choice – As a new registry, .we can offer an extensive choice of available domain names so now is the ideal time to secure domain names that have particular relevance for you and your organisation.
  10. Great Value – Dot Irish domain names are currently on promotion with selected registrars.  To check availability and pricing, please see participating registrars featured below.


If you are an accredited registrar wishing to participate in this promotion, please e-mail us here.