Irish Government launches Global Irish Economic Forum web site

One of the most prestigious events on the Irish government calendar, the Global Irish Economic Forum will be using the distinctive as their primary URL for this high profile event. In speaking about the event, which takes place in November 2015, Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Charles Flanagan said “The 2015 Global Irish Economic Forum takes place in a different context from its predecessors – this is the first Global Irish Economic Forum since Ireland successfully exited its bailout programme and our focus on this occasion is firmly on sustaining and strengthening our robust economic growth, complementing the range of Government initiatives in place to support entrepreneurs and assist businesses to set up and to scale up.” For more information about the Global Irish Economic Forum, visit

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26th March 2016


There are as many reasons for why one might express one’s Irish identity, as there are Irish people around the globe. We have begun a series of blog posts which show why you might want to online and how you can get the most out of a .irish domain. Not only is a growing community of […]

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3rd March 2016

dotIrish launches new website

For centuries the Irish, all the way back to the ancient Gaels, have been renowned for the gift of storytelling. Our new consumer website was conceived with this great tradition in mind. We wanted to develop a site that was less about .irish the top level domain registry, and more about the creative and meaningful possibilities […]

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21st November 2015

Global Irish Economic Forum – The Story So Far

The 2015 Global Irish Economic Forum brought together an impressive gathering of business leaders and entrepreneurs, political leaders and other key influencers to share ideas that would help build a better future for Ireland and its diaspora. The Forum took place in Ireland from November 19 – 21 and featured a diverse panel of high profile […]

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