10 Reasons to Register a Dot Irish Domain for your Business


  1. Promote Your Business – A Dot Irish domain is perfect for small, medium & large organisations looking for more meaningful web and e-mail addresses.
  2. Protect Your Business – Registering the relevant domain name for your business is an easy way to protect your business, your brand & your online reputation.
  3. Gain Competitive Advantage – A great domain name makes a positive statement and can help to position and present a business as category or market leader e.g. food.irish
  4. Easy to Register – There are no restrictive eligibility criteria so you can easily register your domain name of choice.
  5. Extend Your Reach – More meaningful and marketable web and e-mail addresses make it easier to successfully promote your organisation and reach a wider audience.
  6. Global Appeal – The word ‘Irish’ is internationally recognised and understood helping you connect with a more diverse global market.
  7. Clear Identification – A Dot Irish domain clearly identifies with Ireland and resonates with Irish people everywhere.
  8. Highly Versatile – Ideal for local & international business, professional associations, lifestyle & leisure activities, arts & culture, tourism & hospitality, education, state bodies & events.
  9. Availability & Choice – Unlike older domain name alternatives, Dot Irish offers an unrivalled selection and choice of domain names to register.
  10. Great Value – Dot Irish domain names are on promotion with selected registrars and available to register at special promotional prices. Find participating registrars here

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