General Registration Policy

Except as expressly modified in relation to Sunrise Registrations, Reserved and Premium Domain Names, and “Founder” Names, this General Registration Policy (“Policy”) of Dot-Irish LLC (the “Registry”) should be read together with all Registry Policies, the Registrant’s Agreement, and applicable Registrar policies, as amended from time to time. The Registry may modify this Policy from time to time effective upon ninety (90) days notice by the Registry to interested parties including sponsoring registrars, provided that under certain conditions relating to changes in registration or renewal pricing, Registry must provide one hundred and eighty (180) days notice pursuant to the Registry-Registrar Agreement.  Such changes will be available on the Registry web site or such other URL as the Registry may designate, which shall satisfy all notice requirements set forth in this Policy. 

  1. Registrant Qualifications.  There are no restrictions associated with domain name registration for .IRISH.
  2. Acceptable Domain Name Character Strings.  The Registry will not accept a domain name registration application unless the applied-for Domain Name meets the applicable requirements as defined in applicable RFCs for ASCII character strings, including the following technical and syntax requirements.  The Domain Name Character String:
    1. Must consist only of ACSII characters, consist exclusively of the letters A-Z (case insensitive), the numbers 0-9, and hyphens;
    2. Must not begin or end with a hyphen, or include consecutive hyphens in the third and fourth positions of the Domain Name Character String;
    3. Must not exceed 63 characters excluding the TLD extension; and
    4. Must, unless otherwise modified by the Registry in its sole discretion, contain at least three characters (but may not be Domain Name Character Strings required to be blocked or reserved pursuant to ICANN policies, the Registry Agreement with ICANN, or other contractual agreements of the Registry).

    The Registry will not accept IDNs or Domain Name Character Strings containing non-ASCII characters until a future date designated by the Registry, in its sole discretion.

  3. Term. Domain names may be registered in increments of one (1) year each for a minimum of one (1) year and a maximum of ten (10) years.
  4. Renewal. Domain Names may automatically renew at the end of their term (the expiration date) in accordance with the terms of the Registrant Agreement with the sponsoring Registrar.  Renewal pricing to a Registrant is set by the sponsoring Registrar.  The standard grace period fixed by ICANN policies shall apply to the renewal of Domain Names. 
  5. No Third-Level or Sub-Domains.  A Registrant of a Domain Name is not permitted or authorized to, and shall not offer, sell, license, sublicense to any third party whatsoever any third-level domain names or other sub-domains associated with or derived from the registered Domain Name, or to use such third-level or other sub-domains except where such use is restricted solely for use by Registrant in conjunction with its operation of the Domain Name.
  6. Contact information.  Registrants must provide accurate contact information in accordance with ICANN requirements, as amended from time to time including but not limited to the following:  Registrant address and contact information, names and contact information for administrative, technical, and billing contacts.  All contact data, except for billing contact data, will be displayed in the WHOIS.  The use of proxy registration data or proxy registration contacts is permitted consistent with applicable ICANN policy and the Registry’s agreements with ICANN, registrars, and the Registry’s WHOIS Policy set forth hereafter.
  7. Transfers.  Unless otherwise specifically modified or limited by the Registry in Agreements relating to domain name registrations allocated in the Sunrise Period, certain Premium Domain Names or domain names designated as “Founders” domain names, Registrants are allowed to transfer their second-level domains to the registrar of their choice.  Registrants should contact their registrar of choice to learn about transfer procedures.  Registrar-to-registrar transfers are not allowed in the sixty (60) days following the registration of a domain name, unless the Registry expressly waives said sixty (60) day period as allowed by ICANN policies.  Except in the case of bulk transfers of domain names from the sponsoring registrar to a receiving registrar mandated by ICANN, a registrar-to-registrar transfer adds one year to the term of the domain name being transferred, with the one (1) year registration fee charged to the gaining registrar.  Registrars may therefore charge the Registrant for the additional domain year.  A bulk transfer mandated by ICANN shall not add an additional year to domain names subject thereto, and the gaining registrar shall not be entitled to charge Registrants thereof for an additional domain year.
  8. Grace periods.  In accordance with published ICANN rules and policies, as amended from time to time, certain grace periods exist to allow for the cancellation of transactions by Registrars within certain time periods.  The Registry will adhere to such grace periods as ICANN may publish from time to time.
  9. Name server information.  To register a .Irish Domain Name, the Registrant does not need to provide name server information.  However, in order to appear in the zone file and resolve on the Internet, at least two (2) valid name servers must be associated with the Domain Name.
  10. Cancellations, suspension, transfers, and changes.  The Registry reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to deny, cancel or transfer any Domain Name registration or transaction, or place any Domain Name(s) or other transactions on Registry lock, hold or similar status (i) to protect the integrity and stability of the Registry’s systems; (ii) to comply with any applicable laws, government rules or requirements, requests of law enforcement, ICANN Policies or Registry Policies, or any dispute resolution process; (iii) during the resolution of a dispute; (iv) to avoid any liability, civil or criminal, on the part of the Registry, as well as its affiliates, subsidiaries, officers, directors, and employees; (v) in respect of the Registry only, for violations of the registry-registrar agreement between the applicable Registrar and the Registry (for example, non-payment of fees) including, without limitation, any exhibits, attachments, or schedules thereto; (vi) to correct mistakes made by the Registry in connection with a Domain Name registration; (vii) following an occurrence of any of the prohibited activities described in violation of the Registry’s Anti-Abuse/Acceptable Use Policy, or (viii) as otherwise provided for by the Registrant Agreement.  Furthermore, the Registry reserves the right at any time, to verify (ix) the truth, accuracy, and completeness of any information provided by the Registrant to the Registry, whether directly, through a Registrar or otherwise; and (x) the compliance by the Registrant with the applicable Registry Policies.  Registrants agree to fully comply and cooperate with the Registry in connection with such verification and furnish all available documentation as the Registry may reasonably require to complete the verification.