About .IRISH

A Distinctive Digital Identity for the Global Irish Community

The Emigrant Flame, New Ross, County Wexford, Ireland


.IRISH is a new top-level domain (TLD) for the global Irish community which can be used by businesses, brands, organizations and people all over the world to market and develop products & services while clearly identifying with the word ‘Irish’. By simply making it possible to put the word ‘Irish’ after the dot in a web address, .IRISH provides a truly meaningful domain name that clearly says Irish. You can find out more about why you might want to be.irish over at our new consumer site.

About Dot-Irish LLC

Dot-Irish LLC is an organization, which in itself represents the diversity of the Irish diaspora. Our team are based both in Ireland and the U.S. and have extensive business knowledge and experience. Our shareholders have backgrounds in technology start-ups, financial services, investment portfolio management, the domain industry, tourism & hospitality, real estate development, international philanthropy, FMCG, IT consultancy and media sectors. We are committed to providing the global Irish community with a distinctive digital identity that will help the community connect, grow and prosper.


Information about general registration policy and other policies can be found below